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State-of-the-Art Custom Manufactured Hydraulic Cylinders

Turn to Valtec Hydraulics, Inc. in North County, Missouri, for custom manufactured hydraulic cylinders. Our company specializes in custom manufactured, welded-style hydraulic cylinders for many applications, such as automotive recovery, material handling, railroad work, waste handling, construction excavation, industrial manufacturing, and custom-built equipment. Our manufactured cylinders are completely rebuildable; we use several gland styles in our manufacturing process to meet your specialized needs.

Specs & Turnaround
We currently produce welded-style cylinders with bores ranging from 1" to 16" in diameter and strokes up to 22' foot in length. We can also accommodate virtually any mount type such as cross tube, lug or tang, clevis, trunnion, foot mount, pad mount, etc.

While most of our cylinders are designed for a maximum operating pressure of 2500 - 4000 p.s.i., we are capable of manufacturing higher pressure cylinders in special applications. Standard turnaround time on custom-built cylinder is generally about two to four weeks after approval.

Custom Cylinders

• Replacement Cylinders
• Steel Mill Cylinders
• Cardboard Baler Cylinder
• Custom Outrigger Cylinders
• Custom Railroad Cylinders
• Fiberglass Press Cylinders
• Custom Long Stroke Cylinders
• Manufacturing Cylinders
• Boom Extension Cylinder
• Brick Baler Cylinder
• Aluminum Baler Cylinder

• Custom Production Cylinders
• Trunnion Mounted Cylinders

Railroad Wheel Change Jack


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