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About Us

1963 - Richard V. Valleroy started Valpak Mfg, Inc.  Valpak's main line of business was the sales & distribution of refuse handling equipment. It also serviced and manufacturing or its own line of refuse equipment. As the business started to grow, Valpak became a distributor & service center for seven different sales companies. These includes such companies as Lodal, Garwood, Converto Mfg, Anchor Pac, Rampac, Hyco, and its own brand Valpak Mfg.

1967 - Valpak was growing steadily in the sales, service, and manufacturing of refuse equipment. Now with more than 50 employees strong, they found it necessary to start their own in house machine shop. The shop would be used for the manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders & the machining of other components & parts needed in their manufacturing process. This machine shop was located in the lower level of the manufacturing building. Richard hired his father Edgar Valleroy, a tool & die maker by trade, to supervise & manage the machine shop. This shop was incorporated under the new trade name of R-V Industries, Inc.

1973 - The Valpak's building, which was being leased at this time, caught fire and burned to the ground. When the insurance company informed Rich that he was under insured because of the newly purchased machine shop equipment, and that the owners of the building were not going to rebuild. Valpak reluctantly had to closed its doors. Because of this sudden turn of events, Rich found it necessary to help many of his employees find new jobs with other companies in the area.

R-V Industries, Inc. which had grown and was now located in an adjoining building, was then moved to a small garage not far from the Mississippi river, and continued to operate as a machine shop. They also continued doing some hydraulic equipment repairs and part manufacturing for many other companies. However the business was soon in trouble again when later that same year, the hundred-year flood came and put the shop under seven foot of water. It took several months to clean-up & recover after the water receded, but the business continued to operate.

1976 - By this time, the business had transformed it's main purpose of business into the manufacturing & service of all makes and kinds of hydraulic cylinders & equipment. At which time Rich found a need to bring his wife Joan Valleroy into the business.  She was hired to help with the running and building of the now ever so fast growing hydraulic repair & manufacturing business. Then over the next several years, Rich's three sons Rick, Randy, & Rod all began to working full time in the family owned business.

1985 - The decision was made by the Valleroy's, to move the family owned business to our new & current location, which was a much larger building, and right off the interstate highway. Because of this move we also found it necessary to change our name, people passing by would see R-V Industries and think that we worked on R-V's, mobile homes, & campers. So the decision was made to change our name to Valtec Hydraulics, Inc.

Over the next several years our new building transformed with three large building additions and the installation of overhead cranes to handle the larger work we were now seeing. Steadily our daily work started too gradually transition from primarily refuse & mobile equipment service & repair, too now industrial and manufacturing equipment sales, service, and repairs.

1999 - Joan & Rich retired and sold the family owned business to their three sons, Rick, Randy, and Rod. Now under new management of the three sons, the business continues to grow and expand. With the purchase of several new lathes, pipe bending machines, pump testing equipment, and a new automated bore welding machine. Valtec became better equipped to handle those rush & emergency repairs, but yet versatile enough to keep those difficult repairs in house.

2009 -  Robert Valleroy after graduating from college with a bachelor degree in Engineering Technology, gained full time employment with Valtec Hydraulics. This making him the first of the fourth generation of Valleroy's to continue in the family business.

2011 - Ryan Valleroy gained full time employment with Valtec Hydraulics after graduating college with a bachelor degree in Engineering Technology. Making him the second of the fourth generation of Valleroy's to continue in the family business.

2012 - Russell Valleroy also gained full time employment with Valtec Hydraulics, after completing his courses at Ranken Technical College. His employment makes him the third member from the fourth generation of Valleroy's continuing in the family business.

2015 - Zach Valleroy gained part-time employment with Valtec Hydraulics, working weekends, holidays, & summer vacations just like all the other Valleroys had done before him. Zach is currently attending college as a full time student at the University of Missouri. "Go Mizzou!"  He is also a member of the fourth generation of Valleroy's to work at Valtec Hydraulics.